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July 2018
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Chamber Golf Outing
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Events in the month of July 2018
07/10/2018 - 07/11/2018

The first day each attendee will work with a piece of copper to create repousse using specialized tools to make their own unique look.  The second day you’ll create the finish looked and frame the piece. It will be ready to hang in a place of honor!  This course is designed for beginners and advanced students both. The tools are provided, the copper is ready to work and design choices are available.

Previous courses have all generated beautiful works of art. Many are captivated by the process and want to continue to create at home.  This is a fun two days learning under the skilled and patient hands of RA Hamer. The time flies.  Camaraderie develops, work is done and the days are thoroughly enjoyed.

We invite you to attend and try your hand at making a unique gift ready to hang on any wall!

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